The correct stages of paints

1- Paint a layer of matte plastic in the desired color

2- Painting the finishing layers of any type (matte or glossy) and that is not less than two layers

1- Inspecting the wall with putty, if any, and sanding the wall with good sanding from its four axes and the absence of any thickness for the putty used in the treatment.

2- Painting primer inspection places

1- The walls must be cleaned of dust from the sanding process

2- Paint sealer with the appropriate tools

Some may think that the functions of the sanding are limited only to smoothness, but it also has a fundamental role is to open spaces in the putty to receive the post, which leads to the strength of adhesion of the layers to each other.

It should be sanded with a template or with a sanding machine for ease and mastery of the stage

1- The tools used (knife width) should be not less than 20 cm

2- The technician's hand must not be above the level of his head in pulling the putty

3- The putty must be pulled in both directions (upside. down) and this protects you from the presence of (mite) air bubbles.

4- Do not use fingers on the corners of the walls

5- The hand and the tools used at the bottom of the wall should not be wrapped

6- The second layer in the clouds should be opposite to the direction of the first layer

And if there is a change in the type of putty in the layers, it must be the strongest at the bottom, not the most filling of the voids

7- Layers should dry out completely

8- It is preferable to use trowel in the first layer of putty

1 - Paint a layer of primer first

2- The percentage of water added to the primer should be estimated in proportion to the walls

No painting work is carried out until after the clamshell phase is completely dry

If there are breaks, they must be addressed first

1- The walls must be properly cleaned of remaining plaster cast, if any

2- Carving and grinding the walls with suitable stones

3- Clean the walls and wash them with water. If there is fat and grease, they should be washed with kerosene