Painting problems during paint

Reasons for a lack of shine:

- The use of thinners that are not suitable for the type of paint.
- Use the paint directly on a rough surface, where a buffer layer must be used to maintain the shine.
- The paint is painted in the presence of very high humidity.


Color difference:
- Do not stir the colors well while opening the packages.
- Water content.
- The use of different spray tools, as it is necessary to unify the spray tools.
- The number of coatings varies from surface to surface.

The paint does not dry out:

- Do not mix the paint well before use, especially in oil paints.
- The use of inappropriate diluents.
- Type of paint.
- The presence of high moisture in the surface.
- Reduced temperature during the coating process.

Coating texture roughness:
The use of inappropriate application tools.

Lack of proper dilution of the product.

Use rough putty.
The surface should not be sanded well before painting the paints.
Not to scrub the paste well.
Use poor sanding tools.
- The presence of dust during the process of painting or painting in bad weather conditions.

The paint is not covered well and the reasons for this are:
- Reducing the paint in excess of the required and recommended by the factory.
- Use bad tools for sprayers and brushes.
- Do not use a base layer between old and new paint.
- The presence of dark color under the new paint.
- Paint a glossy layer on an old glossy layer.