Basic concepts

The reasons:
- Laying the final paint layer over the places where the putty is applied.
- Do not leave the putty to dry.
- The increase in the thickness of the putty layer.
The solution:
- Sand the surface and follow the correct steps for painting methods.

The reasons:

- Prevation the paint layer of natural sunlight.

- The paint is exposed to a lot of sunlight.

The solution:

- Surfaces must be cleaned and repainted.

The reasons:
- Not sanding the previous paint layer.
- Paint on very smooth or oily surfaces.
- Paints on soft surfaces, such as dust or rust.
The solution:
- The surface must be repainted.

Liquefaction of the paint results from the use of more quantity than is intended to be used.

As for the blinking of paints, it is apparent when the paint surface quickly dries up, while using an excess amount of paint.
The solution:
Surface painting on several sides with small amounts of paints.

                                                                The bubbles result from bad adhesive of the coating layer to the surface

Possible reasons:
- Apply oil and base paints to a wet surface.
- The wall is exposed to internal moisture.
- Sudden exposure to moisture before the paint is completely dry.
The solution:
- Remove bubbles by scraping and sanding.
- Remove the source of moisture and dry the surface well.
- Then paint a layer of high-quality adhesive and insulation before applying the final layer.

Adhesive the coated parts together

Possible reasons:
- Do not allow sufficient time for the paint to dry before the doors or windows are closed.
- Use semi-glossy or glossy paints of low quality.

The solution:
Use Castello matte or semi-glossy paints manufactured with the highest quality acrylic.

The importance of primer paint ( Sealer ) after paste layers:

- Increase the adhesion strength of the layers.

- Higher individual finishing rates.

- Smoothness of paint.

- Non-modification in inspection (stumbling).

Water content added to computer colors:

from 5 to 10%

Light colors 10%

And if the colors are dark, the percentage is 5%.