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Product Description

Arty Eggshel is a high-quality, water-based acrylic based plastic paint that gives a great final look suitable for high-end finishes. For internal and external use It gives a flexible layer that is resistant to washing with water and weather conditions such as moisture, UV, direct sunlight, and more. It gives a surface that is resistant to dust adhesion and dirt. The finest layer of Arte product is resistant to bacteria and fungi. It can be applied to all types of concrete, concrete and other surfaces after being established with sealers, putty and the necessary linings. • Conforming to the Egyptian standard specifications No. 1539/2008 Technical specifications of the product:

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    Final Texture


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    Dry time

    Dry face first touch 30 minutes Dryness of the second face to touch 2 - 4 hours Final drought 24 hours

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    App Tools

    roller, brush or spray gun

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    Coverage Rate


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